The simple things

My goodness it’s been a while. Once again, I’m terribly sorry for being such a bad blogger. It would seem spare time is a luxury I don’t currently have.


Dress: H&M (similar, very similar) // Boots: ZARA // Rucksack: Spain // Sunglasses: Monki // Watch: Urban Outfitters // Rings: H&M and Dixi

But anyway! Pay cheque in the other day, I spent quite a lot of money. But I was careful not to spend lots of money on one or two items, but instead, to pack my wardrobe with the simple things that I desperately need. My serious lack of dresses needed to be fixed. So this outfit is one of those simple ones, consisting of a dress and boots, that can be mixed up with belts and jackets and jewellery.





A jumper dress just seems perfect for this kind of weather, and I think I may be a little obsessed with navy stripes already. Spring makes it totally ok to dress up like sailors.. 🙂

Speak soon!

Katie x


Deep ocean


Any recent attempted blog shoots have been ruined by wind and rain and the odd patch of flooding. Luckily, this particular shoot was only almost ruined by wind. And no rain. Hurrah!


Jumper: Fat Face // Skirt: ZARA // Boots: Deena and Ozzy at Urban Outfitters // Chunky Socks: Waitrose // Rucksack: Market

I’ve always known I have a penchant for men’s clothing, this lovely massive jumper from Fat Face, is absolutely no exception. Along with my new favourite skirt ever, and motorcycle boots, no wind can stop me!




The leather mini-skirt story goes like this. My lovely friend Jas asks me what I consider to be the Winter equivalent to pretty summer dresses, comfy, and always look nice. I go shopping (for research purposes) and return like a triumphant hunter with a pretty piece of PU saying “mum! I’ve got it! Winter staple sorted!” absolutely confidant that my legs are comfy and pretty like a dress in summer. Mother laughs in my face. Apparently leather mini-skirts might get chilly (and if worn wrong could make you look like Julia Roberts as Pretty Woman) and therefore couldn’t possibly qualify. I am determined to prove her wrong.


Typically, I can’t find the skirt on the ZARA website. But Missguided do some pretty good copies here and here which I’d like to share, since I honestly think every girl should own one 🙂

Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I know it’s belated, but I hope you all had a great Christmas and are enjoying the New Year!

Speak soon,

Katie x


Thank goodness for boyfriend jeans, thank goodness for ZARA, and thank goodness giant collar type necklaces you cut off old t-shirts.y

Top: ZARA (not in blue here 😦 but it is still in stores) // Jeans: Misbehaver at ASOS marketplace // Boots: Topshop // Necklace: cut off an old Topshop top // Belt: ASOS (similar)

Winter is upon us! Autumnal berry hues and earthy tones have turned into black and blue and purple. With silver and gold accessories and pints of blackcurrant and vanilla tea to match. So my joy when wandering round ZARA the other week, to come across this midnight blue long-sleeved, low back piece of sartorial genius, was incomparable! It’s soft and slinky, and surprisingly warming. Worn with suitably blue boyfriend jeans, or leather mini skirts, it won’t disappoint.





Because the top is plain though, I thought it would best suit a heavy necklace like this one to go with. I first wore this about 2 years ago and since then, it’s always just felt like too much! But for some reason, with this, it just works! I think I like how it’s a charcoal grey instead of bright silver, makes it look less dressy? I like these similar ones from Topshop, some brand from America, ZARA and Urban Outfitters.
Hope you are all having a happy December so far.. 🙂
Katie x

Wishlist! What will happen when I have some money….

Essentially what will happen when I get money, is that I will spend it all. ALL of it. I think this is sensible.

Wishlists are dangerous. Any time I run out of money, buying new things all of a sudden becomes very important to me. And I get fully obsessed with ideas and plans for my new wardrobe! So I sit on Pinterest scheming how to sell my kidneys or my hair (it’s legit, I’ve looked it up, it might well happen). For example, this season it was this dress and check shirt combo that haunted me. Hence this instagram, and this pinterest board. I KNOW the dress existed, I saw it with my OWN EYEBALLS. And yet, it is now nowhere to be found. (If someone can find it for me, then I will pay you in cookies, many, many cookies).

My current wish list though, for some reason, has turned out fully black and blue. Never have I created ANYTHING with such little colour.. I’m quite surprised with myself. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to buy it all.

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9. | 10.

Add a little more leather, more fur, purpley berry lips and a few times as many pretty dresses and you’re there.

I’m actually amazed some of these are still in stock. Particularly the check skirt and Topshop coat! The shoes are the big wants though. I need a new pair of boots, my old Topshop ones are so tatty, they seriously need replacing. I love the whole cut-out boot thing. But the contrast sole was not something I expected to like! I’m obsessed. The Forever 21 ones, which are totally gorgeous, might be the ones I get so that I have one chunky pair and one non-chunky pair, you know, just in case I’m feeling non-chunky… (you can see how I run out of money so quickly right?)

The leather/suedey skirt and the lingerie dress are the two others I’m really pining after. I love how weirdly interesting the skirt is! And I realised I probably don’t have that many skirts or dresses, so I think I should stock up. Patterned smocks are gonna be in there too.

Anyway, life with me has been unbelievably busy, interviews and spontaneous trips to Bournemouth (did you know it has a beach?!) have kept me away from the blog.. But some exciting updates and hopefully lots more outfit posts to come, so bare with me..

Happy weekend!

Katie x

Dinner with Daisy

I really love dressing for dinner on holiday. I think it’s the whole no make-up, no shoes and bikini in the daytime, running round on the beach with sand between your toes and drinking ice tea, then transforming into a real person at night-time.. it’s a fun process. Especially if you get to wear pretty things like skirts!





defDenim shirt and sandals: ZARA // Skirt and earrings: Urban Outfitters // Rucksack: Market // Silver Chain: Azendi


I’ve been running round the garden recently trying to find good places to take photos, this is definitely my new favourite spot. Not only because of the pretty steps, and the secret passage-way behind me, but if I get bored of taking photos I can just peek over the wall and this happens!

ImageHave I mentioned how great this place is yet?

Besos x

Uncovering old gems…

dDress: ZARA // Denim shirt: ZARA // Trainers: Asos

Coming home has always been fun for me and my wardrobe, because the first day or two after I get back I spend rooting through the drawers and boxes and selecting those forgotten pieces that could be given a new lease of life! In the past there have been vintage handbags, surprisingly chic sweatshirts older than me (London Marathon 1983), pairs of trainers in need of dusting, t-shirts that weren’t cool two years ago but definitely are now, pretty flowy skirts I deemed too pretty and flowy for winter, things my super tall brother grew out of when he was 10 (varsity bomber jacket? I’ll take that)….. the possibilities are just endless.

Admittedly, a lot of my finds are in boxes labelled “to Oxfam” for a reason, and go straight back in said box after the excitement of free things has worn off. But some stick around a bit longer, and if they’re lucky, become permanent fixtures in my wardrobe. I bought this silk dress last year for my sister’s graduation in the sale section of ZARA WOMEN, aka, posh stuff. And I haven’t worn it since. I knew it was there somewhere, but I was waiting for another posh occasion. I got tired of waiting. So when I rediscovered this a few weeks ago, (in box labelled “posh clothes from old house”) I threw on my trainers, belted it to make it mini and chucked my favourite denim shirt on.



And ta-da!! rejuvenation is achieved.d


The dress is nice and balloon shaped, which I do enjoy in a dress. It’s not a very clean-cut look, but I was glad for the all the breeziness and summery colours on a hot day last week. I also liked the mismatch of textures with the silk and denim and the tiny metal buttons on the back.. Hooray for attic treasures..

Besos from Spain..

Katie x


oh dear, I am currently struck down with a summer cold. You know those ones where you just want to sleep all the time? In this weather, I mean come on!

But anyway, my illness was probably not helped much by going out the other night! It was my friend’s 21st and the plan was to pre-drink and then pop off into central London to a super posh club. However, we ended up having far too much fun in Clapham (Inferno’s anyone?) and stayed up till the dawn..


I’m obsessed with this bomber, I almost can’t stop wearing it.. It’s silky and beautiful and makes any average outfit look considerably more than average, and that’s the kind of jacket I like…




I decided to pair it with this LWD (little white dress) from Motel Rocks, which you might have spied around the blogsphere already, and my fave pair of banana yellow heels..






Catalina Dress: Motel rocks // Bomber jacket: Zara // Heels: Zara (old)

I’m planning to wear the dress a little more in the day time with a denim shirt and casual shoes, if I can find a way to avoid sneaky bottom flashes.. (it’s friggin’ teeny!!) But the shoes, are definitely a once-in-a-blue-moon sort of affair… And who doesn’t need a pair of yellow heels?!

Katie x

High tops and sparkly

So firstly, I’d like to apologize to anyone expecting more outfit posts from me, the ridiculous amount of building work going on in and around my house at the mo (about 5 sweaty men per room and dust, just ev-er-y-where…) has made taking photos away from prying eyes pretty tricky. But I reckon I’ve found a good secret spot, so I promise I’ll get on track soon!

Apparently I am indeed obsessed with bright colours. Check out my shoes!!!



Perhaps a little too bright for my wee camera to handle….  y



m4The top is also pretty exciting, with sparkly appliques and a deep v back..


Top: Zara // Shorts: Levi’s via eBay // High tops: Adidas Sleek Series

The high tops are not hugely comfortable (Sleek series, i.e. made only for people with teeny delicate feet, not monsters like mine), but I love looking down at my feet and going “hey, look at you bright things!”

Anyway, hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine!

Katie x

A sunny day for a fun day…

Today I got my results from uni. At 8 am I was jumping straight on my computer then shouting “MUM!” as loud as I could down the stairs as soon as the page loaded (technology eh!). And since all of my siblings are now home, and it was such a sunny day, we decided to go out for lunch to celebrate.

We went to a place by the Quayside in my little seaside town called the Ship Inn, where I had an overpriced, but very delicious burger! (If you’re ever in Lymington and feel like spoiling yourself, it’s well worth a visit!)CIMG7177



Me and Emma (big sister, as above) then decided to take a spin round town. I was enjoying the sunshine in my Levi cutoffs and Ecote fringed top…





Jacket: Zara // Shorts: Levi’s via Ebay // Top: Urban Outfitters // Boots: Topshop // Satchel: Topshop (old) // Sunglasses: Asos // Necklace: another Mexico gift!



CIMG7186A quick change into more suitable clothing and we decided to take Rodney for a spin too…CIMG7233





CIMG7226  CIMG7223A few stops for photos before Rodney got too impatient with us, and convinced us to stop messing around and get serious..CIMG7217



I am super lucky to live somewhere so beautiful, there are another million photos on my camera now, which definitely made for a lovely day! But perhaps I’ll leave that for another time..

How are you making the most of the sunshine?

Katie x

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