Cap love…

I love caps….


….and I’ve combined my love for caps with my new found love of Pinterest! (above) Check out my Pinterest board to see where they’re all from. (Just gonna say, doesn’t Cara look great in a cap?!)

There was a time when the only guy who wore a cap and looked cool, was Bart Simpson. Now though, they’re all over the place! Worn forwards, backwards, to the side.. with studs on, plain, in neons!

And yet, I still don’t have one. 😦 I did experiment with this baseball cap I found around the house the other day. I think they make my head look pretty odd, but I feel so cheeky and boyish when I’m wearing them, it’s too much fun to resist.

CIMG7695 CIMG7699

Not only do they make you look cheeky, but they’re practical too! This one (when worn properly) did a pretty nice job of keeping the sun off my already too freckled nose.

Saying that, I’m not sure I like all of them. Like the ones with cat ears on or the snapbacks with about a million spikes on that look like something out of “Saw”. Don’t care how fashionable they are, my head is not a cat, nor should it be used any kind of weapon or implement of torture..

So I’m pretty picky, and I suppose to sum it up, I really love the “traditional” ones. Worn in the days before fashion conquered these walks of life, by all-American sports fans, out of work writers, kids on sports days and sweaty old truckers. So no spikes for me I’m afraid..

In spite of my pickiness, I have managed to find quite a few around that I would love to wear on my head..
cap egs 1
American Apparel (1, 2 and 3) do some pretty crazy ones. And the online shop 47 Brand do some cool sporty ones (4, 5 and 6)

But for a more simple, yet still cool look Asos (1.), Romwe (2.) and good old Schuh (3.) might be the ones to go for..

cap egs 2

I’ve seen quite a few variations of the first one around (the fake slogans just adding to the cheekiness!) and the “Boy London” one is everywhere (try eBay), but the simple black and whites look great with lots of different outfits..

It may be some time before I manage to look as cool as Cara, (or Bart Simpson) but I’d love to try and work them into a sort of Sports-luxe look, with lots of mesh and ladylike heels…

Sorry for the long post (I was inspired!), I’d love to know what you all think! And I’ll let you know how I get on.. 🙂

Katie x

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