The simple things

My goodness it’s been a while. Once again, I’m terribly sorry for being such a bad blogger. It would seem spare time is a luxury I don’t currently have.


Dress: H&M (similar, very similar) // Boots: ZARA // Rucksack: Spain // Sunglasses: Monki // Watch: Urban Outfitters // Rings: H&M and Dixi

But anyway! Pay cheque in the other day, I spent quite a lot of money. But I was careful not to spend lots of money on one or two items, but instead, to pack my wardrobe with the simple things that I desperately need. My serious lack of dresses needed to be fixed. So this outfit is one of those simple ones, consisting of a dress and boots, that can be mixed up with belts and jackets and jewellery.





A jumper dress just seems perfect for this kind of weather, and I think I may be a little obsessed with navy stripes already. Spring makes it totally ok to dress up like sailors.. 🙂

Speak soon!

Katie x


Deep ocean


Any recent attempted blog shoots have been ruined by wind and rain and the odd patch of flooding. Luckily, this particular shoot was only almost ruined by wind. And no rain. Hurrah!


Jumper: Fat Face // Skirt: ZARA // Boots: Deena and Ozzy at Urban Outfitters // Chunky Socks: Waitrose // Rucksack: Market

I’ve always known I have a penchant for men’s clothing, this lovely massive jumper from Fat Face, is absolutely no exception. Along with my new favourite skirt ever, and motorcycle boots, no wind can stop me!




The leather mini-skirt story goes like this. My lovely friend Jas asks me what I consider to be the Winter equivalent to pretty summer dresses, comfy, and always look nice. I go shopping (for research purposes) and return like a triumphant hunter with a pretty piece of PU saying “mum! I’ve got it! Winter staple sorted!” absolutely confidant that my legs are comfy and pretty like a dress in summer. Mother laughs in my face. Apparently leather mini-skirts might get chilly (and if worn wrong could make you look like Julia Roberts as Pretty Woman) and therefore couldn’t possibly qualify. I am determined to prove her wrong.


Typically, I can’t find the skirt on the ZARA website. But Missguided do some pretty good copies here and here which I’d like to share, since I honestly think every girl should own one 🙂

Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I know it’s belated, but I hope you all had a great Christmas and are enjoying the New Year!

Speak soon,

Katie x



Bomber jacket: ZARA // Jeans and trainers: Asos // t-shirt: Topshop (old) // Rucksack: Market // Cap: my dad’s

I’m really excited about how bright these pictures have turned out.

Fave bomber jacket, fave old cap, fave blue jeans, fave everything else = HAPPY AND COMFY AND BRIGHT KATIE!

I’ve basically been living in all black recently, as you may soon see, so I think I almost forgot how much I love colour. I felt like letting loose. I’ve also decided that I refuse to give up my summer bomber when the cold weather hits proper. I will pile jumpers underneath, call it “winter florals” and SUCK IT UP! All in the name of fashion.



But I mean, would you look at that print?! It’s like serious eye candy, in jacket form.


On another note, my collection of social-media type sites to waste my time on has expanded to Asos Fashion Finder! Which is just the most fun.. It’s like an interactive wishlist (my favourite kind!), good for getting inspiration and keeping updated on all the trends. It can be quite a lot of effort if you want to get involved, but is seriously addictive. Guess what I’ll be spending the next week doing….!

Hope everyone is preparing themselves for the great storm this week!!


EDIT: I always get comments about this jacket (even my dad thought it was nice, and he knows everything), and was just browsing through Choies now, and found the exact one! Which you can find here  just in case anyone was interested….. 🙂

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