Bumble Speaks: Graduation! (etc…)

So, as many of you may know, this time of year is graduation time. As well as all the weddings, christenings and other semi-formal occasions that seem to pop up this time of year. So, I thought I’d do a post on what to wear to occasions like these!

I’ve been to quite a lot of events like this, so I’m well-practiced in knowing what to look for. There are lots of things to consider, shape, colours, accessories, the weather! And I have seen people in the past get it very wrong! Wearing going out dresses and sky scraper heels (you don’t want to tumble in front of everyone collecting your certificate, a hot pink thong making a cheeky appearance), or stressing out in an uncomfortable dress, or worse, jeans! For graduations, these are the photos that will last a lifetime. So no pressure or anything…

In general, shop around for dresses that have a simple shape, like a shift dress, or one with a skater skirt, that end a few inches above the knee. If you’re going to a wedding, don’t wear white, and if it’s your graduation, make sure there’s no serious colour clash with the colours on your gown! I tend to like going for simple patterns too, but there’s no reason why you can’t go as crazy as you like here.

PREPARATION is key, so, if you’re not used to wearing heels: practice. If your dress is low-cut: invest in tit-tape, and maybe a pack of safety pins. If it’s cold and rainy, bring a cover-up and an umbrella! And don’t reveal more of your body than you would feel comfortable revealing in front of your grandad for example.

Ok so boring stuff over, I’ve trawled the internet for inspiration, and these are some of my favourites…

grad pic 1

grad pic 2

1. Oasis April dress // 2. Asos floral blazer // 3. Oasis mint Jacquard // 4.  Oasis jacket // 5.  Oasis silk floral // 6. Zara zip blazer // 7. Oasis ombre // 8. Asos nude blazer // 9. Oasis swing // 10. Oasis pink floral // 11. Oasis Delphinium // 12. Oasis Meadow


grad pic 31. Missguided ankle strap // 2. Boohoo ankle strap // 3. Zara vamp heel // 4. Zara ankle strap // 5. Zara court shoes // 6. AX Paris court shoes

Sorry it’s so Oasis-heavy, but I found that some shops are just made for this type of shopping, and nowhere quite beats Oasis in terms of beautiful colours and prints and reasonable prices.

It’s also good to pick out a small colour scheme of two, maybe three colours, using accessories like bags and jewellery and shoes as accents to the main event.

For shoes, the minimalist barely there heel is perfect for this type of occasion, they look very feminine and usually don’t have too high a heel. And, because they’re such a popular trend you can find them in about a million different colour combinations! Obviously you can wear flats too, but these just look slightly less nice don’t ya think? Or maybe I’m just a shoe snob…

Anyway, hope this helps anyone struggling to decide, and I’ll show you my own outfit soon. 🙂

Katie x

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