Wishlist! What will happen when I have some money….

Essentially what will happen when I get money, is that I will spend it all. ALL of it. I think this is sensible.

Wishlists are dangerous. Any time I run out of money, buying new things all of a sudden becomes very important to me. And I get fully obsessed with ideas and plans for my new wardrobe! So I sit on Pinterest scheming how to sell my kidneys or my hair (it’s legit, I’ve looked it up, it might well happen). For example, this season it was this dress and check shirt combo that haunted me. Hence this instagram, and this pinterest board. I KNOW the dress existed, I saw it with my OWN EYEBALLS. And yet, it is now nowhere to be found. (If someone can find it for me, then I will pay you in cookies, many, many cookies).

My current wish list though, for some reason, has turned out fully black and blue. Never have I created ANYTHING with such little colour.. I’m quite surprised with myself. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to buy it all.

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9. | 10.

Add a little more leather, more fur, purpley berry lips and a few times as many pretty dresses and you’re there.

I’m actually amazed some of these are still in stock. Particularly the check skirt and Topshop coat! The shoes are the big wants though. I need a new pair of boots, my old Topshop ones are so tatty, they seriously need replacing. I love the whole cut-out boot thing. But the contrast sole was not something I expected to like! I’m obsessed. The Forever 21 ones, which are totally gorgeous, might be the ones I get so that I have one chunky pair and one non-chunky pair, you know, just in case I’m feeling non-chunky… (you can see how I run out of money so quickly right?)

The leather/suedey skirt and the lingerie dress are the two others I’m really pining after. I love how weirdly interesting the skirt is! And I realised I probably don’t have that many skirts or dresses, so I think I should stock up. Patterned smocks are gonna be in there too.

Anyway, life with me has been unbelievably busy, interviews and spontaneous trips to Bournemouth (did you know it has a beach?!) have kept me away from the blog.. But some exciting updates and hopefully lots more outfit posts to come, so bare with me..

Happy weekend!

Katie x



oh dear, I am currently struck down with a summer cold. You know those ones where you just want to sleep all the time? In this weather, I mean come on!

But anyway, my illness was probably not helped much by going out the other night! It was my friend’s 21st and the plan was to pre-drink and then pop off into central London to a super posh club. However, we ended up having far too much fun in Clapham (Inferno’s anyone?) and stayed up till the dawn..


I’m obsessed with this bomber, I almost can’t stop wearing it.. It’s silky and beautiful and makes any average outfit look considerably more than average, and that’s the kind of jacket I like…




I decided to pair it with this LWD (little white dress) from Motel Rocks, which you might have spied around the blogsphere already, and my fave pair of banana yellow heels..






Catalina Dress: Motel rocks // Bomber jacket: Zara // Heels: Zara (old)

I’m planning to wear the dress a little more in the day time with a denim shirt and casual shoes, if I can find a way to avoid sneaky bottom flashes.. (it’s friggin’ teeny!!) But the shoes, are definitely a once-in-a-blue-moon sort of affair… And who doesn’t need a pair of yellow heels?!

Katie x

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