Uncovering old gems…

dDress: ZARA // Denim shirt: ZARA // Trainers: Asos

Coming home has always been fun for me and my wardrobe, because the first day or two after I get back I spend rooting through the drawers and boxes and selecting those forgotten pieces that could be given a new lease of life! In the past there have been vintage handbags, surprisingly chic sweatshirts older than me (London Marathon 1983), pairs of trainers in need of dusting, t-shirts that weren’t cool two years ago but definitely are now, pretty flowy skirts I deemed too pretty and flowy for winter, things my super tall brother grew out of when he was 10 (varsity bomber jacket? I’ll take that)….. the possibilities are just endless.

Admittedly, a lot of my finds are in boxes labelled “to Oxfam” for a reason, and go straight back in said box after the excitement of free things has worn off. But some stick around a bit longer, and if they’re lucky, become permanent fixtures in my wardrobe. I bought this silk dress last year for my sister’s graduation in the sale section of ZARA WOMEN, aka, posh stuff. And I haven’t worn it since. I knew it was there somewhere, but I was waiting for another posh occasion. I got tired of waiting. So when I rediscovered this a few weeks ago, (in box labelled “posh clothes from old house”) I threw on my trainers, belted it to make it mini and chucked my favourite denim shirt on.



And ta-da!! rejuvenation is achieved.d


The dress is nice and balloon shaped, which I do enjoy in a dress. It’s not a very clean-cut look, but I was glad for the all the breeziness and summery colours on a hot day last week. I also liked the mismatch of textures with the silk and denim and the tiny metal buttons on the back.. Hooray for attic treasures..

Besos from Spain..

Katie x

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