London photo diary..

Though I’ve always lived in or around London, save for the past 9 months by the sea and various spells in Scotland and The North, I’ve never really “seen” it. I’ve always stuck to the same areas, and never strayed too far from a tube station.

So last weekend, I decided to explore. I grabbed my trainers and my camera, rung up a friend or two apt for exploring, jumped on a bus and had a wander.

I didn’t exactly manage to see all of London, but I got some good coverage of central, East and a little of North of the City and thought I’d show you some (lots of) snaps…


Southbank was my starting point as I ambled past trees shaped like people, tents shaped like cows, a very classy food festival and across the bridge..



A skateboard graveyard decorates one of the pillar type things of the Hungerford bridge over the Thames.

CIMG7468My weekend involved plenty of markets, starting off with Jubilee Market in Covent Garden..




CIMG7484The guy with all the leathers (way too hot for leather!) tried to sell me this number..

CIMG7491But I had to take my camera away towards all the pretty things outside…





CIMG7507I discovered that I’m something of a magpie when it comes to shiny totally pointless but pretty trinkets..



And why I should definitely stay away from this place…


“You look different. I like it”


The next day I got up early, packed a bag including beach towel and picnic, and headed up to Hampstead Heath.

We managed to turn up just in time to beat the crowds (-ish, they were ridiculous) on the hottest day of the year, and found ourselves a nice spot by the ponds..


Anyone planning on going to London should definitely make the most of these ponds!  My camera decided to fail after the first couple of photos so you’ll have to go yourself to see just how beautiful it all is.. I felt more like I was swimming with the ducks and fishes in a babbling brook in the countryside than heaving London. And it was so hot that day, I felt sorry for anyone not lucky enough to have been for a swim, when we jumped back on the train with our flip-flops and wet, muddy hair..

The next day was all about the East, and more of the famous markets, packed with everything handmade, graffiti to battle Banksy, and lots and lots of vintage..


I found a stall covered in beautiful Art Deco style jewellery and brooches, all handmade. Can’t remember the name of this guy in Old Spitalfields but I bought a moonstone ring for my friend’s birthday, and will definitely be going back to get more..


CIMG7612  CIMG7613


CIMG7615  CIMG7617





CIMG7626 CIMG7627 CIMG7629

Absolute Vintage in Spitalfields is the place to go if you’re a fan of anything pre-loved. The first time I went to Spitalfields it was to come here with a much older and wiser friend to buy some cowboy boots..

CIMG7632Would love to own a little camera bag like the one below.. and also, caps!!!

CIMG7634 CIMG7635 CIMG7637 CIMG7642 CIMG7645





Oh baby…


After a long hard day of walking, I treated myself to a black forest cupcake from Kooky Bakes. Best darn cupcake I’ve ever had…


Spitalfields and Brick Lane are an absolute must for anyone wanting something slightly different when visiting London. My tips would be to go with time, a bag of money and a taste for flavour (the food stalls are just mind-blowing) and experiences will definitely be made..

I am as we speak aboard a ferry on my way to Spain for a whole 6 weeks!! So I must return to my cabin before dinner.. I will keep posting of course, and hopefully show you some shots of Galicia! (Not this many I promise..) But when back in the UK I plan to finish off my exploring of the Capital, so any tips for good places to visit?!

Katie x

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