Smockin it…

It has been AGES since I last posted. But it’s ok, I have reasons! I have a job (a fairly brilliant job) that makes me work very anti-social hours. I get free things (almost) and get to work with great people, BUT it means I’m almost never around at the same time as the sunshine to take outfit posts. Oops. Last day off however, me and the sunshine did manage a quick rendezvous in celebration of my new obsession: SMOCK DRESSES!


This one is handmade, from a lovely little stall in the market that appears in my hometown on Saturdays. It’s made from daisy material and has a swingy little line across the chest. But isn’t it fun to put on a hat, some layers and a pair of boots and float around like you’re in the 60s? I think yes…




And then for extras, a giant sheepskin coat that my father gave my mother in the 90s..




Dress: market // Top underneath: Vero Moda // Coat: vintage! You’ll have to ask my Dad (Similar)// Boots: ZARA // Hat: Primark // Chunky and awesome boots socks: Waitrose

There are many, many pretty smock type dresses out there.. my one looks a bit like this. But I also love this, and this, and this and most definitely this. Happy shopping.

Also something exciting that I completely forgot to mention on here, I was nominated by the team at Inside Fruits for their November edition of Insider’s Tip, showcasing their favourite blogs! Competition is over now and December’s favourites should be popping up soon, so sorry for not mentioning and being rubbish at blogging, but thanks SO much to anyone who voted!! It’s also a pretty clever little blog so I reckon you should have a look 🙂

Goodnight lovely readers, speak very soon!
Katie x


Wishlist! What will happen when I have some money….

Essentially what will happen when I get money, is that I will spend it all. ALL of it. I think this is sensible.

Wishlists are dangerous. Any time I run out of money, buying new things all of a sudden becomes very important to me. And I get fully obsessed with ideas and plans for my new wardrobe! So I sit on Pinterest scheming how to sell my kidneys or my hair (it’s legit, I’ve looked it up, it might well happen). For example, this season it was this dress and check shirt combo that haunted me. Hence this instagram, and this pinterest board. I KNOW the dress existed, I saw it with my OWN EYEBALLS. And yet, it is now nowhere to be found. (If someone can find it for me, then I will pay you in cookies, many, many cookies).

My current wish list though, for some reason, has turned out fully black and blue. Never have I created ANYTHING with such little colour.. I’m quite surprised with myself. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to buy it all.

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9. | 10.

Add a little more leather, more fur, purpley berry lips and a few times as many pretty dresses and you’re there.

I’m actually amazed some of these are still in stock. Particularly the check skirt and Topshop coat! The shoes are the big wants though. I need a new pair of boots, my old Topshop ones are so tatty, they seriously need replacing. I love the whole cut-out boot thing. But the contrast sole was not something I expected to like! I’m obsessed. The Forever 21 ones, which are totally gorgeous, might be the ones I get so that I have one chunky pair and one non-chunky pair, you know, just in case I’m feeling non-chunky… (you can see how I run out of money so quickly right?)

The leather/suedey skirt and the lingerie dress are the two others I’m really pining after. I love how weirdly interesting the skirt is! And I realised I probably don’t have that many skirts or dresses, so I think I should stock up. Patterned smocks are gonna be in there too.

Anyway, life with me has been unbelievably busy, interviews and spontaneous trips to Bournemouth (did you know it has a beach?!) have kept me away from the blog.. But some exciting updates and hopefully lots more outfit posts to come, so bare with me..

Happy weekend!

Katie x


TTop: H&M (old) // Jeans and Hat: Primark and DIY // Boots: Topshop // Khaki Jacket: ZARA

I said in my last outfit post that I’d been wearing a lot of black recently. I honestly could not tell you why, perhaps it’s the days getting darker, or because I’m a little obsessed with these jeans! But my mother is convinced I’m in mourning, or planning to re-visit my emo stage (another story…). Either way, all black is not something I’ve done before, except in school plays or waitressing, but I am definitely enjoying it, even if it does make me look/feel like a giant stick of liquorice.


CIMG9494  Spotty liquorice…M


And if in doubt, add ZARA…CIMG9549I’m definitely having to make the most of spur-of-the-moment type outfit shoots too, what with these pesky short and rainy days, so sorry if these shots look a little odd! Off for a late Halloween party now, I’ve made an outfit out of a pile of make-up a litre of fake-blood and a pair of tights, some photos hopefully to follow…

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend 🙂
Katie x



Bomber jacket: ZARA // Jeans and trainers: Asos // t-shirt: Topshop (old) // Rucksack: Market // Cap: my dad’s

I’m really excited about how bright these pictures have turned out.

Fave bomber jacket, fave old cap, fave blue jeans, fave everything else = HAPPY AND COMFY AND BRIGHT KATIE!

I’ve basically been living in all black recently, as you may soon see, so I think I almost forgot how much I love colour. I felt like letting loose. I’ve also decided that I refuse to give up my summer bomber when the cold weather hits proper. I will pile jumpers underneath, call it “winter florals” and SUCK IT UP! All in the name of fashion.



But I mean, would you look at that print?! It’s like serious eye candy, in jacket form.


On another note, my collection of social-media type sites to waste my time on has expanded to Asos Fashion Finder! Which is just the most fun.. It’s like an interactive wishlist (my favourite kind!), good for getting inspiration and keeping updated on all the trends. It can be quite a lot of effort if you want to get involved, but is seriously addictive. Guess what I’ll be spending the next week doing….!

Hope everyone is preparing themselves for the great storm this week!!


EDIT: I always get comments about this jacket (even my dad thought it was nice, and he knows everything), and was just browsing through Choies now, and found the exact one! Which you can find here  just in case anyone was interested….. 🙂

London Weekend

So a slightly different post today. I just wanted to show/tell you what I did over the weekend! It was a London one, and a busy one. Click on the images for a closer look-see…

  1. Charity Fashion show! Was super fun, got to pretend like I was at LFW (or NYFW or PFW or MFW etc).  Hence why it was promptly instagrammed.
  2. Saw one of my awesome women, Jas. We had coffee and cake at Fresh cafe! I had a honey latte and we talked for hours.
  3. Went home watched QI learnt things ate curry.
  4. Got up suuuppper early to hop on a train to meet G under the big clock in Waterloo.
  5. Got the tube to the East to continue exploring where I left off in summer, BUT FIRST, spur of the moment like, decided to head up to the top of Heron Tower to Duck and Waffle! This place is mental. It’s so high, it’s almost a bit scary. Don’t think I’ve been so high up since my skydive! (Another story). Also, if you’re a fan of crazy dining experiences…. THIS!
  6. Wandered through Spitalfields and down Brick Lane, on a fruitless search for a coat. Stopped off in Rough Trade for a coffee, and raspberry toast for me, before also browsing through the music. I’m pretty keen on my records, after starting my collection with a 1979 The Who vinyl in a Dublin market (another story). I managed to resist buying everything…..this time…
  7. We got handed a flyer for Blitz Vintage walking along, and I must say, if you like vintage shops, you really should pay this one a visit. Blitz is so huge and pretty and organised, rather than looking like a glorified charity shop it could well be Urban’s edgier cousin.
  8. Got rained on. Declined offer to borrow G’s anorack. Regretted it.
  9. Jumped on train home, greeted brother and girlfriend, and sister and boyfriend. Put on un-rainy clothes, went to pub. Failed to photo-document experience.
  10. SUNDAY. Ate a home-cooked roast (unbeatable mummy bumble) followed by a suitably autumnal plum tart and a brisk sea walk with Rodney. Perfic.

Hope you all had great weekends too!!

Katie x

Waxed out


Shirt: Charles Tywhitt (i.e., my dad’s) similar or here or here // Waxed trousers: ZARA, basically the same here or here // Shoes: Urban Outfitters // Perspex necklace: Topshop (old) // Rings: Primark // Tartan Scarf: 99p store!

This shoot was tricky for another weather-related reason. Not this time for the pouring rain, but for ridiculous sunshine. Making it difficult for either me or my camera to see anything at all. I also got really awkward when my Dad started laughing at me taking photos of myself. But I wanted to show off this outfit particularly because of how proud I am of my new purchase. The very stylish tartan scarf, guess how much it cost…? £15 I hear you say, £10? NOPE! It was 99p. Yep. I got this scarf from the 99p store. Because I’m classy like that.






Admittedly, it’s not particularly warm or functional, and may well fall apart pretty soon. But since my brother has been rubbish at bringing my original tartan scarf down from Scotland, it’ll have to do.

I got these wax-coated trousers over a year ago, for a pub crawl costume going as Zorro (excuses to spend money on pretty things), back when leather-look trousers were still a little “out there”. The rest of the world has fully accepted the trend by now, and good! Because they’re pretty fun to wear. I’m all about wearing men’s shirts at the moment though. It’s androgyny in its truest form. I wore this one buttoned down a bit with my ripped jeans rolled up over the weekend, which I spent running round London (in the rain). I like wearing them with crop tops or mini skirts too, and a pile of jewellery (think ear cuffs and delicate chain necklaces) to exaggerate the oversized look and make them super girly.

So, when it comes to putting together comfortable autumnal outfits, I encourage you all to give the unusual places a chance. Never mind charity shops and Primark, I predict Poundland will be the next big thing for sartorial bargains! (…..maybe)

Katie x


8am Katie– “One aim for today: take photos of self wearing new hat, without looking like Boy George, before it rains….”

6pm Katie– “….fudge.”





Well ok, I just about managed to avoid the rain…. just… But it was a tense moment! (esp for my camera)



Hat and midi rings: Primark // Trousers: mum’s old (similar here, here and here) // Top: ZARA // Shoes: Ecote at Urban Outfitters // Lipstick: Sephora colour lip last no. 16

Well, rain or no rain, my head was nicely protected thanks to my new hat! Which I bought in Primark, on my recent trip to London along with a pile of other nice shiny things. I’m pretty late joining this particular bandwagon, but for £8, why not!

I’m clearly still clinging on to all my summery outfits though, I might need to stop wearing t-shirts soon. This t-shirt, which I still can’t find on the ZARA website (is Spanish ZARA just different?) I bought in Spain at the end of summer. Perhaps it’s just because you’re on holiday or maybe it’s just me, but abroad all the shops seem soo much more exciting! I could have easily spent all my money…

As for the trousers, I’ll be so sad to give them up when it gets too chilly. They’re so comfy, and seem to make quite normal outfits slightly more interesting. I love wearing them with jumpers and shirts too, or fully embracing the monochrome. Well almost, I can’t go without a bit of brightness! But there are loads of similar items on the high street, following the tartan and check trend for autumn/winter. ZARA are the champions when it comes to great printed trousers (I want these!!), so many different styles, and usually reasonably priced! I reckon they’re a great way to make a change from jeans when the winter months roll in too. To go androgynous with loafers or brogues, or lady-like with heels and a floaty top and slick coat..

Hope you’re all having a happy Monday!

Katie x

My English life.

IMAG4168“Post-holiday blues sunk in yet?” said my mother two weeks ago on a particularly chilly English walk. “*Scoff*” said Katie, “that’s not a real thing, England’s great”.

Lies. England is chilly, rainy, has very few Spanish people in it, with not a decent cup of coffee to be had for miles. And what’s more, it’s where the work happens. In case you didn’t know, job applications are not so fun. I recommend everybody stays in uni forever.

Ok so it’s not all that bad. But I’d be lying if I said I was feeling totally chirpy (or patriotic) just now. I’m like a wannabe Spanish Eeyore. So I’ve been trying to keep myself busy with pretty English things to take my mind off not being in Spain, eating cupcakes in London with old friends, taking pictures and nicking blackberries, watching great movies, painting (my new hobby) and instagramming like a fiend.

So at the risk of all my words sounding super depressive, here are some pictures instead..







1. Taking inspiration from Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr Fox (Watch it!) | 2. A bleak English sea view | 3. Blackberries! | 4. South Kensington | 5. Red Velvet at the Hummingbird Bakery | 6. A bright but chilly Hammersmith |

Speak soon amigos..

The overlap.


What a breezy day it was today!! Rodney and I went walking and got thoroughly rained on. And, thoroughly told off for not adhering to proper dog-walking etiquette. Who knew people cared so much! All in all it wasn’t a very fun hour. However, walking down all those country lanes and across fields picking the newest blackberries as I go (giving the odd berry to Rodney too of course) made me realize how much I love this in-between stage.

As much as I hate the fact that Summer has pretty much drawn to a close and the cold days are drawing in, in terms of what to wear, it’s a fun part of the year! All the old comfy jumpers and jeans and coats start coming out of storage but you can still get away with wearing all your favourite summer items too! Mixing textures and colours and weather appropriate-ness. Like big wooly fisherman’s knits with bare legs and silky shorts, or oversized coats with boots and slinky dresses.

This is one of those outfits, where I was too hot for the full cover up but too stubborn to wear tights or a cardigan. So I took two of my summer pieces, added a bag and some boots, and turned them into an Autumn ensemble. Nothing special but (up until the point where it started raining), it did the trick.





Top: Vero Moda // Dress and boots: ZARA // Belt: Primark // Bag: My mum’s!

I’ve also started wearing more Autumnal nail varnish, a deep cherry red (Nails Inc.- Victoria) which somehow feels a bit ritualistic when the seasons change. I think there’s a chance I might just be getting over my post-holiday blues…

Very jealous of everyone at Fashion Week right now! Have a great time if you’re there. Also, good luck to people going back to or starting school or uni!

Katie x

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