Bomber jacket: ZARA // Jeans and trainers: Asos // t-shirt: Topshop (old) // Rucksack: Market // Cap: my dad’s

I’m really excited about how bright these pictures have turned out.

Fave bomber jacket, fave old cap, fave blue jeans, fave everything else = HAPPY AND COMFY AND BRIGHT KATIE!

I’ve basically been living in all black recently, as you may soon see, so I think I almost forgot how much I love colour. I felt like letting loose. I’ve also decided that I refuse to give up my summer bomber when the cold weather hits proper. I will pile jumpers underneath, call it “winter florals” and SUCK IT UP! All in the name of fashion.



But I mean, would you look at that print?! It’s like serious eye candy, in jacket form.


On another note, my collection of social-media type sites to waste my time on has expanded to Asos Fashion Finder! Which is just the most fun.. It’s like an interactive wishlist (my favourite kind!), good for getting inspiration and keeping updated on all the trends. It can be quite a lot of effort if you want to get involved, but is seriously addictive. Guess what I’ll be spending the next week doing….!

Hope everyone is preparing themselves for the great storm this week!!


EDIT: I always get comments about this jacket (even my dad thought it was nice, and he knows everything), and was just browsing through Choies now, and found the exact one! Which you can find here  just in case anyone was interested….. 🙂


A sunny day for a fun day…

Today I got my results from uni. At 8 am I was jumping straight on my computer then shouting “MUM!” as loud as I could down the stairs as soon as the page loaded (technology eh!). And since all of my siblings are now home, and it was such a sunny day, we decided to go out for lunch to celebrate.

We went to a place by the Quayside in my little seaside town called the Ship Inn, where I had an overpriced, but very delicious burger! (If you’re ever in Lymington and feel like spoiling yourself, it’s well worth a visit!)CIMG7177



Me and Emma (big sister, as above) then decided to take a spin round town. I was enjoying the sunshine in my Levi cutoffs and Ecote fringed top…





Jacket: Zara // Shorts: Levi’s via Ebay // Top: Urban Outfitters // Boots: Topshop // Satchel: Topshop (old) // Sunglasses: Asos // Necklace: another Mexico gift!



CIMG7186A quick change into more suitable clothing and we decided to take Rodney for a spin too…CIMG7233





CIMG7226  CIMG7223A few stops for photos before Rodney got too impatient with us, and convinced us to stop messing around and get serious..CIMG7217



I am super lucky to live somewhere so beautiful, there are another million photos on my camera now, which definitely made for a lovely day! But perhaps I’ll leave that for another time..

How are you making the most of the sunshine?

Katie x

Bumble speaks: Date night!

So the other day, I decided, spur of the moment like, to meet up with a friend. Totally fine, casual meeting up with a good mate. Until mum goes “what if it’s a date??!!!”

Immediately, panic ensues. WHATDOIWEARONADATE?!

I broke up with my boyfriend of 1 and a bit years a week or two ago, but before then, I hadn’t gone on an actual date in forever. It definitely still seems like something people do on F.r.i.e.n.d.s and not in real life. So naturally, with a mere half hour to decide how to run this mother, my teeny rack of clothes I brought home from uni appeared like a sea of tricky decisions.

1. I was aware that I definitely needed to look like a girl, in case he got all confused: no good for nobody. So that was a good starting point, a dress perhaps?

I wanted to be comfortable in whatever I was wearing, and since the day would inevitably involve seaside dog walking, I knew I also had to be outdoors-appropriate.


3. ABOVE ALL I needed to be relaxed.

So, after much deliberation and unwelcome comments from my concerned mother “are you sure you’re wearing make-up?”, this is what I came up with..


Apparently I love tying up shirts. This one is a semi-DIY on my Grandma’s silk Viyella number.


Perhaps not what most people would consider date clothing, but as it turned out (I was right about the walking) I reckon I did pretty well..

m CIMG7142 yCIMG7145

I should stress, my Mum’s reaction was definitely an over-reaction, but the whole experience got me thinking, are date-worthy clothes different to normal clothes? And how do we identify these items? What part of our education taught us how to pick out clothes suitable for wooing activities?!

Well I’ve thought about it a lot, and I feel I still don’t have the answer, so I might have to do a follow-up post on this subject.

So, as homework for my readers, any opinions you have on what makes a perfect “date-worthy” outfit definitely let me know! For now though, my search continues…

Katie x

Scoop crop and midi..

I reckon I have a slightly mixed up style. There are times where, to my mother’s dismay, baggy jeans a pony tail and my scruffy converses (the ones that have grown with me through my phases aplenty, inc purple haired emo phase) are what I end up throwing on…

There are also times where I want to actually dress like a girl and wear floaty things with flowers in my hair, and others where I just can’t decide. I think is one of those times.


My Mum and I had fun taking these photos, she kept trying to get the garden in! Was definitely more impressed with her roses than my “interesting” outfit.

y y

….and Rodney couldn’t help trying to jump in the photo.. (I feel this may be a regular feature)


I love adding flashes of bright to monochrome too!! Thanks, well-traveled parents for the electric blue necklace..


Crop Top: Urban Outfitters // Skirt: Primark // Trainers: Asos // Turquoise necklace: Gift from Mexico!

It is a little girly, with the low back and tight skirt, but I just couldn’t keep away from my neon trainers.. 🙂

Katie x

Shirt and denim

For my first proper post, I thought I’d do something quite simple. This is my absolute failsafe outfit: it’s comfy, can be easily customised with a mix up of shoes and accessories and it’s easy as pie!

It’s like Macdonalds: it’s mostly clean, and I always know what I’m getting.

x x

Also, I reckon, on a hot day in the sunshine, there’s nothing sexier than a cool shirt and some high-waisted denim. Cue some actual sunshine, a bowl full o’ strawberries and Mr Darcy type character and the image is complete! Apologies to those who do not share my wild imagination…. (I’ll stop now…)

x x x x

Jeans: Asos // Shirt: H&M // Bralet (underneath): Topshop (old)

Bought these jeans from asos, and pretty much have not stopped wearing them. They’re super soft and also, a revelation for me, haven’t stretched a bit! Which means they’re likely to be my failsafe for a good while longer…. 🙂

Katie x

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