Wishlist for summer!

It would seem that any spare moments I have alone with my laptop, I can be found lusting after clothes, and my obsessions seem to change with the tide, not healthy for my bank balance. At the moment however, I have pretty clear ideas on my summer wardrobe, so I thought I’d do a quick wish list to share some of those ideas!

wish lists final blue

1. ZARA check dress // 2. Nasty Gal playsuit // 3. Lavish Alice scuba skirt // 4. Urban Outfitters glasses // 5. Motel paint strokes dress // 6. Asos chunky sandals // 7. Urban Outfitters jeans // 8. Monki t shirt // 9. Asos Leopard dress


wish lists greem 2 numbers

1. Motel Rocks playsuit // 2. ZARA dress // 3. Nelly leopard sandals (new favourite shop!) // 4. Jeepers Peepers sunglasses // 5. Urban Outfitters kimono // 6. Motel Rocks twosie // 7. Weekday Sweater top // 8. Asos midi dress // 9. Topshop playsuit 

All of my thoughts have been mostly centering on three themes:

Anything midi…

I’ve been dreaming of a full white midi skirt for some time. One that’s really poofy and 1950s ish… But nothing seems to quite fit my ideas! However, this ZARA faux leather one comes pretty close in shape, and the interesting material is just an added bonus. Skirts in scuba material, as above and here from boohoo, might also fit the bill, as well as this textured midi from Asos and pleated from Topshop. I just can’t decide. If only you could try on the interenet!


Black and white in check and spots, in swingy dresses and pretty playsuits.. with matching shoes too! Yes please. Oh and not forgetting bright white nails.


Summer is tantalisingly close! And summer is always the time for prints. We steer away from the plain black and grey of Winter, and turn to prints that genuinely make us happy. But no classic disty florals, it’s time for the big bold prints! I’m loving anything bright and tropical and am currently obsessed with leopard print (genuinely had a dream about leopard printed sliders).  This recent Instagram basically sums up my feelings…

Hope you’re all doing well and good luck for those with exams round about now!

Speak soon..

Katie x


Wishlist! What will happen when I have some money….

Essentially what will happen when I get money, is that I will spend it all. ALL of it. I think this is sensible.

Wishlists are dangerous. Any time I run out of money, buying new things all of a sudden becomes very important to me. And I get fully obsessed with ideas and plans for my new wardrobe! So I sit on Pinterest scheming how to sell my kidneys or my hair (it’s legit, I’ve looked it up, it might well happen). For example, this season it was this dress and check shirt combo that haunted me. Hence this instagram, and this pinterest board. I KNOW the dress existed, I saw it with my OWN EYEBALLS. And yet, it is now nowhere to be found. (If someone can find it for me, then I will pay you in cookies, many, many cookies).

My current wish list though, for some reason, has turned out fully black and blue. Never have I created ANYTHING with such little colour.. I’m quite surprised with myself. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to buy it all.

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9. | 10.

Add a little more leather, more fur, purpley berry lips and a few times as many pretty dresses and you’re there.

I’m actually amazed some of these are still in stock. Particularly the check skirt and Topshop coat! The shoes are the big wants though. I need a new pair of boots, my old Topshop ones are so tatty, they seriously need replacing. I love the whole cut-out boot thing. But the contrast sole was not something I expected to like! I’m obsessed. The Forever 21 ones, which are totally gorgeous, might be the ones I get so that I have one chunky pair and one non-chunky pair, you know, just in case I’m feeling non-chunky… (you can see how I run out of money so quickly right?)

The leather/suedey skirt and the lingerie dress are the two others I’m really pining after. I love how weirdly interesting the skirt is! And I realised I probably don’t have that many skirts or dresses, so I think I should stock up. Patterned smocks are gonna be in there too.

Anyway, life with me has been unbelievably busy, interviews and spontaneous trips to Bournemouth (did you know it has a beach?!) have kept me away from the blog.. But some exciting updates and hopefully lots more outfit posts to come, so bare with me..

Happy weekend!

Katie x

Dusty pink


So, as you might have seen, dusty pinks have been a big news for this season! Following their takeover of the catwalks earlier in the year. Which is why I’m so thankful I had the foresight to pick up this jacket for £7 in the Topshop sale last year! With it’s 60s swing style and check lining, dusty pink isn’t the only box it ticks.

This is the single pink thing I own, and generally I’m not a huge fan. Because pink is super girly right? And often makes me feel quite ill. The kind of ill you feel after eating a whole bag (or two) of Haribo. BUT, for some reason, when it’s in coat form, thrown over a mini skirt, with some boots, stripes and serious eyeliner, it doesn’t just feel girly, it feels Audrey Hepburn girly.



Which let’s face it, is basically the best kind of girly…




Coat and boots: Topshop (old) // Embellished kirt: Rare London // Top: Warehouse (old) // Bag: Asos

 I love dusty pink hues like this with all black, I think the contrast makes it somewhat, neater? And perhaps more cohesive. If I wanted to be reeally Audrey I’d pair a full black skirt with a long pink trench coat, heels, 60s hair and makeup and some awesome cat eye sunglasses, with maybe some geometric prints and interesting textures thrown in just in case…

Dusty pink wishlist| 1. Asos check midi skirt | 2. ZARA black and white sunglasses | 3. River Island coated midi skirt |4. Topshop wool lined biker coat |5. Topshop fluffy swing coat | 6. Topshop trench |

For more rosy hues, ZARA and Topshop seem to have plenty of pieces in trousers and skirts and shoes…. I personally can’t get enough of the pink revolution. What do you think?

Katie x

Cap love…

I love caps….


….and I’ve combined my love for caps with my new found love of Pinterest! (above) Check out my Pinterest board to see where they’re all from. (Just gonna say, doesn’t Cara look great in a cap?!)

There was a time when the only guy who wore a cap and looked cool, was Bart Simpson. Now though, they’re all over the place! Worn forwards, backwards, to the side.. with studs on, plain, in neons!

And yet, I still don’t have one. 😦 I did experiment with this baseball cap I found around the house the other day. I think they make my head look pretty odd, but I feel so cheeky and boyish when I’m wearing them, it’s too much fun to resist.

CIMG7695 CIMG7699

Not only do they make you look cheeky, but they’re practical too! This one (when worn properly) did a pretty nice job of keeping the sun off my already too freckled nose.

Saying that, I’m not sure I like all of them. Like the ones with cat ears on or the snapbacks with about a million spikes on that look like something out of “Saw”. Don’t care how fashionable they are, my head is not a cat, nor should it be used any kind of weapon or implement of torture..

So I’m pretty picky, and I suppose to sum it up, I really love the “traditional” ones. Worn in the days before fashion conquered these walks of life, by all-American sports fans, out of work writers, kids on sports days and sweaty old truckers. So no spikes for me I’m afraid..

In spite of my pickiness, I have managed to find quite a few around that I would love to wear on my head..
cap egs 1
American Apparel (1, 2 and 3) do some pretty crazy ones. And the online shop 47 Brand do some cool sporty ones (4, 5 and 6)

But for a more simple, yet still cool look Asos (1.), Romwe (2.) and good old Schuh (3.) might be the ones to go for..

cap egs 2

I’ve seen quite a few variations of the first one around (the fake slogans just adding to the cheekiness!) and the “Boy London” one is everywhere (try eBay), but the simple black and whites look great with lots of different outfits..

It may be some time before I manage to look as cool as Cara, (or Bart Simpson) but I’d love to try and work them into a sort of Sports-luxe look, with lots of mesh and ladylike heels…

Sorry for the long post (I was inspired!), I’d love to know what you all think! And I’ll let you know how I get on.. 🙂

Katie x

Bumble Speaks: Graduation! (etc…)

So, as many of you may know, this time of year is graduation time. As well as all the weddings, christenings and other semi-formal occasions that seem to pop up this time of year. So, I thought I’d do a post on what to wear to occasions like these!

I’ve been to quite a lot of events like this, so I’m well-practiced in knowing what to look for. There are lots of things to consider, shape, colours, accessories, the weather! And I have seen people in the past get it very wrong! Wearing going out dresses and sky scraper heels (you don’t want to tumble in front of everyone collecting your certificate, a hot pink thong making a cheeky appearance), or stressing out in an uncomfortable dress, or worse, jeans! For graduations, these are the photos that will last a lifetime. So no pressure or anything…

In general, shop around for dresses that have a simple shape, like a shift dress, or one with a skater skirt, that end a few inches above the knee. If you’re going to a wedding, don’t wear white, and if it’s your graduation, make sure there’s no serious colour clash with the colours on your gown! I tend to like going for simple patterns too, but there’s no reason why you can’t go as crazy as you like here.

PREPARATION is key, so, if you’re not used to wearing heels: practice. If your dress is low-cut: invest in tit-tape, and maybe a pack of safety pins. If it’s cold and rainy, bring a cover-up and an umbrella! And don’t reveal more of your body than you would feel comfortable revealing in front of your grandad for example.

Ok so boring stuff over, I’ve trawled the internet for inspiration, and these are some of my favourites…

grad pic 1

grad pic 2

1. Oasis April dress // 2. Asos floral blazer // 3. Oasis mint Jacquard // 4.  Oasis jacket // 5.  Oasis silk floral // 6. Zara zip blazer // 7. Oasis ombre // 8. Asos nude blazer // 9. Oasis swing // 10. Oasis pink floral // 11. Oasis Delphinium // 12. Oasis Meadow


grad pic 31. Missguided ankle strap // 2. Boohoo ankle strap // 3. Zara vamp heel // 4. Zara ankle strap // 5. Zara court shoes // 6. AX Paris court shoes

Sorry it’s so Oasis-heavy, but I found that some shops are just made for this type of shopping, and nowhere quite beats Oasis in terms of beautiful colours and prints and reasonable prices.

It’s also good to pick out a small colour scheme of two, maybe three colours, using accessories like bags and jewellery and shoes as accents to the main event.

For shoes, the minimalist barely there heel is perfect for this type of occasion, they look very feminine and usually don’t have too high a heel. And, because they’re such a popular trend you can find them in about a million different colour combinations! Obviously you can wear flats too, but these just look slightly less nice don’t ya think? Or maybe I’m just a shoe snob…

Anyway, hope this helps anyone struggling to decide, and I’ll show you my own outfit soon. 🙂

Katie x

Urban Outfitters sale Wish list!

UOsaleWishlist1.aUOsaleWishlist1b1. Iridescent Necklace // 2. Floral Pinny // 3. Printed jacket // 4. Wildfox love & icecream // 5. Buckle satchel // 6. Teal crop top // 7. Boyfriend jeans // 8.  Tapestry watch // 9. Cheap Monday tassel shape necklace // 10. Tiny square ring // 11. Box ring

So the Urban sale is here! And I thought I’d share a few of the things I would buy if I had any money… A few because honestly, I’d probably buy it all if I could. I love number one; the picture doesn’t quite do it justice, but in real life it’s soo iridescent in a beautiful pale blue. It’s big enough to make a statement, but delicate enough to not look over the top.

I also am currently a little obsessed with bomber style jackets (as you will see soon) and pinafore dresses and delicate but interesting rings, which Urban seem to be expert in at the moment.

What do you think of the UO sale??

Katie x

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