5 Things to do on Halloween!!


Happy Halloween every body!!IMAG5098

I’m a very festive person. I absolutely love celebrating things, AND I love dressing up. When I was a child, I wore more fancy dress than real clothes. I’m pretty sure I pioneered the onsie. I had a dalmatian suit (inc. tail, a replica of which mysteriously appeared in Primark a while later.. after mine went missing!!) that I wore every day, until I was soo big for it, it split. My collection of fairy costumes, were next to none. I even had a dark one for Halloween, or when I was in a bad mood.
IMAG5114-001But I’m going off topic.. Because today is an exciting day, and one of several coming up this season, here is a list of 5 things I think will make it even more exciting.

1. Halloween-themed nails! I have no doubt that I’m pretty far behind in developing my nail-art talents, and that you will all be much more adept at drawing fun things on your nails. So make the most of this opportunity!! To go crazy with nail art and celebrate.. I like Lily’s post, but also, do some googling and see what you can come up with.

Fullscreen capture 31102013 165732.bmp(ahem…. yeah that’s a cobweb…)

2. Get creative with costumes! Take tights for instance. With one pair, you can make a top- cut out the crotch and feet, rip it up a little and you have cobweb lady/vampire/generally gothy scary thing! Fishnets are extra specially effective for Halloween.  With one pair, some bundles of old socks and wire you can make a cat’s tail. With 4 pairs, some loo-rolls and maybe some wire/coat hangers you can make a handsome set of spiders legs! sorted.

IMAG51043. Walk around town in costume: Don’t be shy. This is a day for being silly if nothing else. And, if you go to Sainsbury’s in full costume, face paint, additional props e.g. vampire teeth, I guarantee you’ll make someone’s day.

4. Watch a scary movie: This goes without saying. Grab a toffee apple, some spooky shaped sweeties, a good friend or two and turn all the lights off till you’re well and truly spooked.

5, “boo” people: I have spent all of today hiding behind doors and jumping out at Dad, Mum, Rodney, Tutu, Sam the Plumber… funnest day. EVER!


Additional Halloween points! Tim Burton-themed cocktails, animals/children dressed up, imaginative costumes. I will give a whole bucket of sweets to anyone who can effectively pull off a White Walker costume.

Hope all your night is spooky as can be, and you don’t get got by  no ghouls!!!

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