London Weekend

So a slightly different post today. I just wanted to show/tell you what I did over the weekend! It was a London one, and a busy one. Click on the images for a closer look-see…

  1. Charity Fashion show! Was super fun, got to pretend like I was at LFW (or NYFW or PFW or MFW etc).  Hence why it was promptly instagrammed.
  2. Saw one of my awesome women, Jas. We had coffee and cake at Fresh cafe! I had a honey latte and we talked for hours.
  3. Went home watched QI learnt things ate curry.
  4. Got up suuuppper early to hop on a train to meet G under the big clock in Waterloo.
  5. Got the tube to the East to continue exploring where I left off in summer, BUT FIRST, spur of the moment like, decided to head up to the top of Heron Tower to Duck and Waffle! This place is mental. It’s so high, it’s almost a bit scary. Don’t think I’ve been so high up since my skydive! (Another story). Also, if you’re a fan of crazy dining experiences…. THIS!
  6. Wandered through Spitalfields and down Brick Lane, on a fruitless search for a coat. Stopped off in Rough Trade for a coffee, and raspberry toast for me, before also browsing through the music. I’m pretty keen on my records, after starting my collection with a 1979 The Who vinyl in a Dublin market (another story). I managed to resist buying everything…..this time…
  7. We got handed a flyer for Blitz Vintage walking along, and I must say, if you like vintage shops, you really should pay this one a visit. Blitz is so huge and pretty and organised, rather than looking like a glorified charity shop it could well be Urban’s edgier cousin.
  8. Got rained on. Declined offer to borrow G’s anorack. Regretted it.
  9. Jumped on train home, greeted brother and girlfriend, and sister and boyfriend. Put on un-rainy clothes, went to pub. Failed to photo-document experience.
  10. SUNDAY. Ate a home-cooked roast (unbeatable mummy bumble) followed by a suitably autumnal plum tart and a brisk sea walk with Rodney. Perfic.

Hope you all had great weekends too!!

Katie x

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