Waxed out


Shirt: Charles Tywhitt (i.e., my dad’s) similar or here or here // Waxed trousers: ZARA, basically the same here or here // Shoes: Urban Outfitters // Perspex necklace: Topshop (old) // Rings: Primark // Tartan Scarf: 99p store!

This shoot was tricky for another weather-related reason. Not this time for the pouring rain, but for ridiculous sunshine. Making it difficult for either me or my camera to see anything at all. I also got really awkward when my Dad started laughing at me taking photos of myself. But I wanted to show off this outfit particularly because of how proud I am of my new purchase. The very stylish tartan scarf, guess how much it cost…? £15 I hear you say, £10? NOPE! It was 99p. Yep. I got this scarf from the 99p store. Because I’m classy like that.






Admittedly, it’s not particularly warm or functional, and may well fall apart pretty soon. But since my brother has been rubbish at bringing my original tartan scarf down from Scotland, it’ll have to do.

I got these wax-coated trousers over a year ago, for a pub crawl costume going as Zorro (excuses to spend money on pretty things), back when leather-look trousers were still a little “out there”. The rest of the world has fully accepted the trend by now, and good! Because they’re pretty fun to wear. I’m all about wearing men’s shirts at the moment though. It’s androgyny in its truest form. I wore this one buttoned down a bit with my ripped jeans rolled up over the weekend, which I spent running round London (in the rain). I like wearing them with crop tops or mini skirts too, and a pile of jewellery (think ear cuffs and delicate chain necklaces) to exaggerate the oversized look and make them super girly.

So, when it comes to putting together comfortable autumnal outfits, I encourage you all to give the unusual places a chance. Never mind charity shops and Primark, I predict Poundland will be the next big thing for sartorial bargains! (…..maybe)

Katie x

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