How to do Spain!

So, because I took almost 5000 photos this summer (how?!) I’m gonna split my Spain posts up a bit. As an intro, here are some illustrated thoughts on how to do Spain! You might have already guessed that I proper love this country, but I won’t pretend to be an expert. And since I don’t yet live there (one day…) what follows is just how I came to love it. Through food, people, pretty buildings, music and all things wonderful. Enjoy.

1. Eat:

Chipirones, pimientos de padrón, patatas bravas, alioli, jamón serrano, gambas al ajillo, bbq’d everything but sardines in particular (cover them in fish flour and throw em on the grill), almond cake, icecream, veal steak, paella marisco (shellfish paella- lots of it), chicken (simple well seasoned deliciousness), pesca del día (fish of the day- when by the sea, it’s got to be done)…..

But most importantly, ask for the specialty. Most restaurants I’ve seen in Spain have a limited menu of dishes they know how to do well, if they tell you it’s the best they’re probably not far wrong. We went to a restaurant in Galicia that specialised in pizza and chicken. Every night we ordered pizza and chicken and it was the best darn chicken I’ve ever had.




Recovered Autosave

2. Drink:

Sangría, red wine, chupitos! (shots), Albariño (Galician white wine), beer (ask for a caña for a small one), liquor (esp. weird herby ones), hot chocolate with churros.



Also, know when to stop drinking.


3. Do:

Talk to the locals.

Spaniards are great. They’re emotional and fierce, welcoming and often absolutely in love with life. Which makes them brilliant tour guides. Also, if they think you’re hot, they’ll definitely tell you. “Hola guapa” = “heeeyy goodlookin”



I’ll explain the story of this little bookshop later.. It involves Ronnie Wood!

Speak the language

Ok, so sure, enough Spanish people will be fluent in English by the time they reach adolescence that you don’t need to be multilingual to go to Spain. However, learn a few words and phrases before you go and you’ll be more likely to get all the insider info.




Take photos, do the sightseeing– It’s a beautiful country, ignore the fact that you totally look like a tourist, bring a camera with three spare batteries and snap away. There are some things you’re gonna want to remember.IMAG2426



Say yes to (*almost) everything! *no to drugs, yes to midnight swims in the sea



Go listen to music outside- just a cool thing to do! Preferably a la Vicky Christina Barcelona under a grape-vine with several Spanish guitars..


Go dancing!- Spain knows how to party, be sure to throw back those chupitos (responsibly) and don’t be home before dawn


This was a pre-dancing photo.. We started as we meant to go on..

Go to market- So many markets! Food ones, flower ones, fruit ones, clothes ones, ones with 2 euro fake Casio watches, ones with linen as far as the eye can see….





Dye your hair- (now that one was just me, I just wanted to put it in there.)IMAG1175

4. Enjoy!


Because that’s what holidays are for right??

Katie x

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