My English life.

IMAG4168“Post-holiday blues sunk in yet?” said my mother two weeks ago on a particularly chilly English walk. “*Scoff*” said Katie, “that’s not a real thing, England’s great”.

Lies. England is chilly, rainy, has very few Spanish people in it, with not a decent cup of coffee to be had for miles. And what’s more, it’s where the work happens. In case you didn’t know, job applications are not so fun. I recommend everybody stays in uni forever.

Ok so it’s not all that bad. But I’d be lying if I said I was feeling totally chirpy (or patriotic) just now. I’m like a wannabe Spanish Eeyore. So I’ve been trying to keep myself busy with pretty English things to take my mind off not being in Spain, eating cupcakes in London with old friends, taking pictures and nicking blackberries, watching great movies, painting (my new hobby) and instagramming like a fiend.

So at the risk of all my words sounding super depressive, here are some pictures instead..







1. Taking inspiration from Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr Fox (Watch it!) | 2. A bleak English sea view | 3. Blackberries! | 4. South Kensington | 5. Red Velvet at the Hummingbird Bakery | 6. A bright but chilly Hammersmith |

Speak soon amigos..

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  1. Izzy GUAPA

     /  September 23, 2013

    Your paintings are awesome! ❤

  2. ah, see, I’m opposite from you! I’d love to be in England, rather than California!


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