The overlap.


What a breezy day it was today!! Rodney and I went walking and got thoroughly rained on. And, thoroughly told off for not adhering to proper dog-walking etiquette. Who knew people cared so much! All in all it wasn’t a very fun hour. However, walking down all those country lanes and across fields picking the newest blackberries as I go (giving the odd berry to Rodney too of course) made me realize how much I love this in-between stage.

As much as I hate the fact that Summer has pretty much drawn to a close and the cold days are drawing in, in terms of what to wear, it’s a fun part of the year! All the old comfy jumpers and jeans and coats start coming out of storage but you can still get away with wearing all your favourite summer items too! Mixing textures and colours and weather appropriate-ness. Like big wooly fisherman’s knits with bare legs and silky shorts, or oversized coats with boots and slinky dresses.

This is one of those outfits, where I was too hot for the full cover up but too stubborn to wear tights or a cardigan. So I took two of my summer pieces, added a bag and some boots, and turned them into an Autumn ensemble. Nothing special but (up until the point where it started raining), it did the trick.





Top: Vero Moda // Dress and boots: ZARA // Belt: Primark // Bag: My mum’s!

I’ve also started wearing more Autumnal nail varnish, a deep cherry red (Nails Inc.- Victoria) which somehow feels a bit ritualistic when the seasons change. I think there’s a chance I might just be getting over my post-holiday blues…

Very jealous of everyone at Fashion Week right now! Have a great time if you’re there. Also, good luck to people going back to or starting school or uni!

Katie x

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  1. i love this outfit – so simple but pretty! xx

  2. This is such a gorgeous outfit. I would have never thought to pair those boots with that dress and on me, it would look awkward. But you look amazing and very well put-together 🙂

    Christina | Passion Obsession – Currently hosting a beauty hamper giveaway!

  3. i love your dress! love the bright colours!


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