La vie est belle

I’m home!!


Yes, I’m back in England. Considerably more worldly and more tanned (though quite upset my mother is still more tanned than me), suitcase weighed down with a couple of extra Spanish goodies, and liver cells, considerably depleted..

I had such an amazing time. I’m now more in love with Spain than ever, so I’ll probably be doing a few travel posts soon. But I must say, between coming home from what felt like months away to a still not-really-built-house and a not-really-unpacked-from-uni-bedroom, trying to now find proper grown up jobs for this year, and this weird ear infection thing that seems to make a simple task a rather dizzy affair… I’ve not been very good at blogging. Apparently not like everyone else! (I had 232 posts to read on Bloglovin’)

Good news is however, I have finally bought myself a tripod! Which means no more soliciting awkward family members as photographers, and no more balancing camera on fences, for generally less annoying and more responsible blogging.

Which is how I took these exciting photos, wearing two of my many lovely birthday presents (I’m 22. 22 people!!) from my lovely friends.


I say more responsible, it was still just a tripod balanced on a bush. (points if you can see it!)



Lipstick, is an entirely new thing for me. I always thought I just wasn’t one of those girls who could look good in lipstick. Enter Sephora with this matt orangey red one- I’ve not stopped wearing it. And does anyone else feel slightly more cheeky than usual when wearing red lipstick? I wore this first on the night of my birthday. It was most definitely a wild one.


m yLipstick: No. 16, Sephora // Shirt: Cow vintage Nottingham // Midi Skirt: Primark // Flatforms: Deena and Ozzy at UO // T-shirt: ZARA (can’t find it on the website yet!)

Hope you’re all dealing with the cold better than I am, speak soon

Katie x

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  1. Those shoes are amazing!! Spain sounds amazing, whereabouts did you stay?

    • thanks! I genuinely traveled to a different city to buy these.. It really was! I did Galicia in the North West, Barcelona and then Soller in Mallorca! It was a pretty extensive holiday 🙂

  2. oh wow, i’m SO jealous of your tan! you look absolutely gorgeous 🙂 glad you had a great time in spain – welcome back!

  3. This is super pretty, I love your lipstick color!



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