I bought me a little slice of cow. A slice of cow that with a little extra thread and a few buckles and zips, has been transformed into a beautiful vehicle for all my essentials. And isn’t she lovely? I’ve called her Daisy…


Went to the beach yesterday, and on Saturdays they have a little local market, with all the Serrano ham and cheese from the area, handmade anklets and colourful friendship bracelets, and “all items for a euro” type tables. Daisy (my birthday present) we found on a leather-exclusive stall, hanging proudly from the canopy amidst her (less beautiful and smaller) sisters and brothers. I’ve been after one of these for ages, they’re just so cute and make me feel like 5 years old again, whilst looking surprisingly classy and worldly. Daisy looks like the sort of rucksack that’s seen some adventures…

I couldn’t wait to sling her on my back and take some photos to show you all (which is why I’m still wearing my bikini and running round in bare feet..)

d d d d m

Top: Primark // Shorts: DIY and Thrift // Hat: stole it off my Dad…. // Rucksack: Market

In terms of styling, my brother kindly pointed out that I looked like a 12-year-old in this outfit, which is probably not far from the truth. If you have a baby face like mine (apparently) it’s hard to wear a backwards cap and rucksack and not look a teenager. However, cap, crop top, shorts and rucksack seemed to appear in my mind without even thinking. In the future I might try to wear it with more grown-up things like dresses and heels, just to mix it up. I love trying to make outfits with inspirations from several different styles come together, Daisy will be perfect for that…

Anyway, our BBQ is commencing so I must be going (am currently sitting on the roof watching the progress below, very irresponsible).

Besos! Katie x

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  1. Such a beautiful rucksack! 🙂

  2. That is lusshhh rucksack!

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