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I was not prepared for this holiday.

Don’t get me wrong, how could I not be a bit excited about a month in Spain! I think perhaps I was just enjoying England too much. London, then the coast, then up in Leeds for a party at the weekend, and before I know it mum is telling me I ought to start packing. I’ve not spent a summer actually at home in years, I think I just got too comfortable with my routine, seeing friends, going for runs by the sea with Rodney in the mornings. A trip to Spain shook things up..

Nevertheless! In my grumpy packing I knew there were certain things I could not leave without. Almost none of them are sensible, but I shall make no excuses..

1. Delicate Jewellery


Locket and chains: Family treasures // earcuffs and rings: primark, // Silver hoop earrings: Urban outfitters // Eye earrings: Topshop (old) // turquoise earrings: Mexico

I always love delicate jewellery, but particularly in summer with a tan and when everything is late evenings and good food and wine.. I just can’t resist. Also, what feels more indulgent than a pile of unnecessary jewellery when swimming in the ocean?

2. Headscarves


Something about Summer that gets me excited about headwear. The floaty light materials in pretty colours, they look so vintage and glamorous by the pool.. (this is my next purchase!) These two belonged to my Grandma, one of the classiest ladies I’ve ever known..

3. Bright nails
the orangey one: L’Oreal, Dating Coral // the bluey one: Barry M, Pure Turquoise // the purpley one: Topshop, Parma violet // the red one: Nails Inc., Victoria

In the winter months if I wear nail varnish, I wear dark red or neutral colours. But in summer, no bright and crazy colour goes ignored. The one I’m wearing now is by L’Oreal called “Dating Coral”. What I like about bright nails in the summer is all the different shades that come out in the sun. This one goes from orange, to pink, to both.. And, like all the others, looks pretty great with a tan.

4. Bikini, sunglasses and sandals


Bikini bottoms: Topshop (last year) // Sandals: ZARA // Sunglasses: Asos // Sunflower bun-top: River Island

It goes without saying that beachy holidays require some great swimwear. I always love the Topshop ones for their interesting colours and patterns (Love, Love, Love) but Asos are great all-rounders (want this, this, this and this), and Zara are great for simple basics. I get bored when everyone says you should go for what suits your body shape when it comes to swimwear, I say go for what makes you happy!

Sunglasses are equally important, I’d love to afford some expensive ones one day, I think they’re worth investing in. For now though, it’s Asos, Urban and Monki for me.

I tend to not wear shoes at all on holiday but, whenever I need to hop from beach to car, or am out for dinner, strappy sandals are my go-to. And lets not forget the addition of some florals to the mix, another insensible essential for me.

5. Lots of water and a whole load of SPF


Now this is the serious one. I won’t lecture as I’m sure you all know all this already, but as a biological scientist, you are made aware of just how easily it can all go wrong. We live in a dangerous environment and going out without proper protection from it is just mental. Last year I decided to not wear any suncream at all on holiday. Ok so I was brown as a berry, but it all peeled off in an instant and I increased my chances of getting skin cancer by an awful lot! Have you ever googled skin cancer, its not nice!! If you want to live a comfortable and worry-free life and live to see your grandchildren, then 30 seconds to put on some stuff is a pretty low price to pay.

I’ll use the low spf pictured above for later, but right now I’m on factor 40 for my body and 50 on my face. You should also make sure you’re drinking plenty in the sun. Carry a bottle round wherever you go and you’ll be happy and healthy all holiday! (do you like my foldable bottle? I can even clip it to my bikini!)

6. The trusty old dictionary..

Now there’s no way of making this little guy look glamorous. I’ve genuinely had it all my Spanish-speaking life, and it’s beginning to show its age. If you’re looking for a word after the ‘W’s, you better try somewhere else. But it’s got me through some sticky situations and I could not have left home without it.

What are you summer essentials?

Besos x

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  1. Delicate jewellery and nbright nail polishes are definitely my favourite things this summer! Great post xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM


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