chilly willy.

The other day I went out, and I wore this.
No special explanation, I liked it, so I put it on my body, and walked out the house. OK?!!

CIMG7857top: ZARA // Shorts: thrift and DIY // Sandals: ZARA // sunglasses: Asos (v similar)

Going on holiday is one of the moments I realise that I need to just stop thinking. even after almost 22 years of family holidays my dad still doesn’t understand that he can’t just walk in my room and go “shall we be off?” and expect me to obediently roll into town in my slippers and hair in pigtails and probably some other ridiculous concoction of clothes that were on my floor when I got out the shower and looked comfy. And though it is of course absolutely his fault for harbouring this false expectation, he still gets angry at me for not looking outside-world-suitable all of the time.

But sometimes, my dad has a point.

Being my brain, is very tiring. When I’m constantly thinking about what to wear, what new things I need to buy next season, what “look” to go for this particular trip to pizza express, and whether it’s good enough to instagram, my poor head gets quite over heated. Sometimes I just need to chill. Or as a German person my friend once met says, chilly willy.

So yesterday evening when my dad said “can you be ready in half an hour” I replied “yes I can. This challenge, I will gladly accept”.

I had my 6 minute shower (a blimmin miracle) briefly considered my wardrobe options and put the result on my body. I wore the top backwards, (because I’m a rebel like that), did absolutely nothing to my hair, decided not to care that my finger nails didn’t match my toes, and strolled confidently at minute 29 out of the door.


I then went back in again as I noticed no one else was ready (hypocrites) and took some photos, just because i could.

CIMG7851CIMG7872 CIMG7879

I like time. In the future, I might just stick to it…

Katie x

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