For when it’s just too hot to trot!

I’ve been living in London this week, which means that internet and time to blog has been scarce… but how beautiful has this weather been?! Went for a swim on Saturday then strung my bikini up on the balcony to dry, could not have felt more on holiday…

Anyway, this outfit is one for those times when you decide wearing clothes is just totally inappropriate, in the sort of heat where all you want to do is pour water over yourself and drink pints of lemonade.

Where suncream melts and you worry that you might ultimately do the same.. for these times, though perhaps complete nudity would be preferable, it’s probably not socially acceptable, and the thinnest and lightest of materials is a must.




The top is basically as thin and see-through as material gets so it’s not exactly mother-approved (if you look closely you can see my tummy button! Shock. And. Horror), however I’m in London baby, and I’m sort of hoping I might be able to pretend it’s a demonstration of the “underwear as outerwear” trend for SS13.



dTop: a slip dress that came as part of a dress from ZARA // shorts: Levi’s via eBay // sandals: ZARA // necklace: Mexico // rings and bandeau bra: Primark

Skinny tops and shorts are my go-to in summer, so sorry if you’re getting bored with these Levi’s!

Hope you’re all keeping hydrated and sun-creamed though, I’m about to brave the heat (and the tube) and head over to east London’s Sunday markets!

Katie x

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  1. Beautiful photos! You are glowing.and a picture of beauty.

  2. I love how the white top looks together with the bandeau bra, great outfit xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  3. Melissa

     /  July 15, 2013

    love the shorts!


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