High tops and sparkly

So firstly, I’d like to apologize to anyone expecting more outfit posts from me, the ridiculous amount of building work going on in and around my house at the mo (about 5 sweaty men per room and dust, just ev-er-y-where…) has made taking photos away from prying eyes pretty tricky. But I reckon I’ve found a good secret spot, so I promise I’ll get on track soon!

Apparently I am indeed obsessed with bright colours. Check out my shoes!!!



Perhaps a little too bright for my wee camera to handle….  y



m4The top is also pretty exciting, with sparkly appliques and a deep v back..


Top: Zara // Shorts: Levi’s via eBay // High tops: Adidas Sleek Series

The high tops are not hugely comfortable (Sleek series, i.e. made only for people with teeny delicate feet, not monsters like mine), but I love looking down at my feet and going “hey, look at you bright things!”

Anyway, hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine!

Katie x

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  1. such a cute look! love your shorts xo

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