Shirt and denim

For my first proper post, I thought I’d do something quite simple. This is my absolute failsafe outfit: it’s comfy, can be easily customised with a mix up of shoes and accessories and it’s easy as pie!

It’s like Macdonalds: it’s mostly clean, and I always know what I’m getting.

x x

Also, I reckon, on a hot day in the sunshine, there’s nothing sexier than a cool shirt and some high-waisted denim. Cue some actual sunshine, a bowl full o’ strawberries and Mr Darcy type character and the image is complete! Apologies to those who do not share my wild imagination…. (I’ll stop now…)

x x x x

Jeans: Asos // Shirt: H&M // Bralet (underneath): Topshop (old)

Bought these jeans from asos, and pretty much have not stopped wearing them. They’re super soft and also, a revelation for me, haven’t stretched a bit! Which means they’re likely to be my failsafe for a good while longer…. 🙂

Katie x

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  1. Great combo and beautiful setting!!x


  2. You look gorgeous! Love that your dog has managed to muscle in on your photo shoot too- can’t tell you how many photos I’ve had to delete because my pup has stuck his nose into the frame just as I’ve pushed the shutter button!


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